Spring benefit:
temporarily 2 months free.

Choose premium Giant E-bikes and premium service from ConnectBike:

- On-site preventive maintenance every 7 weeks
- Small repairs < 1 hour
- Major repairs < 24 hours
- Damage and theft insurance
- Personalised branding
- Delivery box of your choice
- Fixed rate per month including maintenance

100% delivered ready to drive within 7 working days.
Take advantage of extra benefits throughout March.

What we stand for.

ConnectBike believes in a better world. What we stand for is what we stand on.

We want cleaner, congestion-free cities and to enhance the liveability and economic vitality of cities. 

We do this by working with our partner and customers to maximise the use of sustainable mobility.

We provide premium E-bikes with premium service for the business market.

The way to go, together.

We are fast becoming the #1 supplier of premium E-bikes in the business market of Western Europe.

We do not do this alone, but together with a team of enthusiastic, motivated and knowledgeable colleagues with a passion for sustainability and mobility. See for yourself.

Discover our E-bike sharing systems.

Switching to a sustainable and congestion-free mode of transport with your employees? At ConnectBike, we offer a full-service E-bike sharing system. We tailor our offer to your situation. Economical, flexible and stress-free!

Ready, set, connect!

Our Deliver-E+ by Giant was specially designed for delivery companies. It’s made for intensive use and maximum comfort. Take your deliveries to a higher level thanks to:


A strong engine

And intelligent components

Ready for worry-free deliveries?

delivery bike lease

Ride control for assistance during cycling


Battery 36V 13.8 mAh 500Wh

Spikes on the pedal for more grip

Reinforced bicycle frame for greater stability and safety

Hydraulic brake discs

Double lights on the bike for good visibility

Adjustable bicycle saddle

Extra-wide tyres for more grip and stability on the road

Belt drive

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Share bike care
"The use of ConnectBike's E-bikes has increased the quality of our service."
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Logo homebezorgd.nl
TakeAway Belgium
‘The new type of electric bike is terrific overall. The battery life is excellent, the bike performed well on bumpy terrain and tram tracks thanks to the wide tyres and in general provides us with more safety.’
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Share bike education
TU Delft
"The service and electric share bikes are second to none!"
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De Beren restaurant logo
De Beren
‘Bikes are a thousand times better than the old ones.’ All our delivery workers only want to use the Deliver-E. The boxes hold up well, the bike is very stable - even when on its kickstand - and it rides superbly. Nothing has broken - it’s a sturdy bike and very reliable.’
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Share bike big business
Johan Cruijff ArenA
"I don't know how you guys do it, but your electric share bike and service are really top-notch!"
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Domino's Pizza logo
Domino's Pizza
‘Battery works well and is long-lasting. Lasts more than a day, and charging overnight is more than enough. Riders love it. A sturdy bike with much better roadability than another supplier’s bikes. Haven’t had any technical defects, so that’s going well.’
delivery bike

Curious about our Deliver-E+ delivery bike?

Test now for free!

Take a test drive without any obligation. We will bring our electric delivery bike to your location, so you can test it. Experience what it is like to make a carefree delivery. 

All-in service.

*With proper use of the bike


We automatically schedule preventive maintenance. After all, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. What if your electric bike breaks or is stolen? No worries. These costs are included in the fixed amount you pay per month as well. This way you’ll never encounter any unpleasant surprises.

Leasing a delivery bike from ConnectBike? Ask for an offer now. 

Different, yet connected.

We believe that good cooperation and successful results come from the strength of diverse teams. Together, we work hard for a better future.
Cultural backgrounds

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About who we are, what we do, what we stand for. Read about our projects, customers, partners and what we’re involved in.

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