Who we are.

We believe in a better world. Together, we can turn the threats of climate change into opportunities and create a better living environment.

By continually searching for the maximum deployment of sustainable mobility together with our customers. Based on market requirements, we develop new mobility concepts and specific electric bikes. 

What we do.
This is manifested in the supply of user-friendly electric bikes that feature the latest innovations. We also provide excellent service and maintenance in order to guarantee a long life cycle of our bikes.

Different, yet connected.

We believe that good cooperation and successful results come from the strength of diverse teams. Together, we work hard for a better future.
Cultural backgrounds
Giant the supplier of ConnectBike bicycles

Going the extra mile together.

Our electric bikes were designed in collaboration with the world’s biggest bike supplier. By always keeping in mind the wishes and needs of our customers, in combination with the latest innovations, we encourage people to use a bike just a little more.

Partner Giant logo.

Giant was founded over 40 years ago with the goal of building better bikes. The company’s goal was to develop bikes that would make biking appealing across the globe. The way for Giant to achieve this was to build better bikes with better equipment and better technology. And they succeeded! 

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About who we are, what we do, what we stand for. Read about our projects, clients, partners and what keeps us busy. All about ConnectBike!

Is this the end of the delivery scooter?

More than just a delivery bike!

Company bicycle: sustainable and fast to and from work

Share bike for (home) care: sustainable at home!

Share bike education: fast and hassle-free

ConnectBike electric share bikes: #1 unburdening

Is it possible to lease an electric bike as an individual?


Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

Try our Deliver-E+ delivery bike.

We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.

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Curious about our Deliver-E+?
Test it yourself.

We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.