ConnectBike's buyout weeks.

Switching from expensive buying bikes to hassle-free and inexpensive leasing of E-bikes? Then this is your chance! Besides leasing new delivery bikes, ConnectBike can buy up your old delivery bikes. ConnectBike is doing this extra cheaply throughout November and December. Your old delivery bikes now fetch €100 extra per bike. 

Full service E-bikes for
full force delivery.

Premium E-Bikes
Premium service
Well insured
All in service

Ready, set, connect!

Our Deliver-E+ by Giant was specially designed for delivery companies. It’s made for intensive use and maximum comfort. Take your deliveries to a higher level thanks to:


A strong engine

And intelligent components

Ready for worry-free deliveries?

delivery bike lease

Ride control for assistance during cycling


Battery 36V 13.8 mAh 500Wh

Spikes on the pedal for more grip

Reinforced bicycle frame for greater stability and safety

Hydraulic brake discs

Double lights on the bike for good visibility

Adjustable bicycle saddle

Extra-wide tyres for more grip and stability on the road

Belt drive

Service and maintenance.

We take care of our customers. We offer preventive maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks.

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Annual full service and maintenance
+/- 10
minute wait time for roadside assistance