Delivery bikes always 100% roadworthy: a day with ConnectBike's Mobile Bicycle and Service Technicians

6 May 2022

The Mobile Bike and Service Technicians are the heart of ConnectBike. They drive all over the country daily to minimise downtime of the delivery bikes and to put a smile on the faces of the customers.

Where others go to a fixed location to start their work, the work bus is the technicians' mobile office. With the necessary tools and any spare parts in the Bio-CNG bus, the technicians go from A to B every day to make all electric delivery bikes ready for use again. A handy app shows the planning for the day, the customer's address and the supplies. This way, both the bicycle technicians and their colleagues at head office keep a good overview of the work that takes place each day.

The work bus is the mobile office of the

All electric delivery bikes ConnectBike's E-bikes are checked preventively between six and eight weeks at the customer's location. In addition, calls may also come in from customers who experience a problem with the E-bikes. In that case, it is the organisation's standard to solve the problem on site within 24 hours. 

The work of the Bike and Service Technicians varies from replacing a bicycle bell, to tightening the brakes, to fixing a saddle or installing a whole new rack. No job is too small or too big for the ConnectBike technicians. On arrival, the technician always informs the right contact person that he or she has arrived, after which he or she immediately starts checking the delivery bikes. Checking and repairing the bikes is always done with great precision and at the same time at lightning speed. While the delivery drivers are at work, the bike technician checks all E-bikes one by one. As soon as a bike is ready, it is put into operation by the delivery drivers.

Checking and repairing the bicycles is done
always meticulous and at the same time at lightning speed


 When all delivery bikes are ready, the technician takes a picture of all the bikes that have been repaired. This makes it clear to both the buyers and ConnectBike which E-bikes have been made and which parts have been used.

After completing the job, the technician looks up the person in charge again to indicate that all the work has been done. Once back in the mobile office, the app is checked again. So the technician knows exactly where and what time the next repair is scheduled, and what parts will be needed.

In short, the work of a bicycle technician is a dynamic environment. There is not only variation in the working days and activities, but also in the working environment. One day it is a visit at home and the next time it is abroad. That is exactly what makes the working days of a bicycle technician so enjoyable and challenging.

See for yourself how a customer visit by ConnectBike bike technicians looks like.

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