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27 May 2022

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In brief:

Electric delivery bikes; for a couple of years now, these delivery bikes have been an indispensable part of the street scene in most cities. More and more entrepreneurs in the catering industry are switching from motorised vehicles to the (justifiably) popular delivery bikes. 

Parking problems and driving licence

Especially in larger cities, which are becoming increasingly car-free, it is more accessible to reach all streets with an electric delivery bike. After all, bicycles are much more likely to be allowed in certain locations than motorised traffic. Also, bicycles can park more easily at exact delivery locations, thus minimising delays. Also, delivery drivers using a bicycle (up to 25 km/p.h.) do not need a driver's licence. This makes it relatively easy to set up a large and suitable delivery team.

There is no minimum age for drivers of the electric delivery bike. Is someone old enough to work? Then that person is automatically old enough to ride the delivery bike. This means that meal delivery drivers are allowed to work from the age of 15. At least, on an electric delivery bike with pedal support! This saves on labour costs.

Is someone old enough to work? Then they are automatically old enough to ride the delivery bike.


Delivery vans, delivery trucks and delivery scooters... All three cause traffic and noise pollution and often hold up traffic. Because of these factors, they have quickly gained a bad reputation and residents of towns and villages would rather see them go than come.

Delivery bikes, on the other hand, are quieter, cleaner, narrower, safer and, of course, more environmentally conscious than delivery scooters, cars and vans. Employers are also paying close attention to the safety of the riders. They try to instruct their employees better on bicycle maintenance and safe cycling behaviour. In this way, the safety of the riders and the environment can be guaranteed. Having a delivery bike will therefore result in fewer complaints from local residents. So less hassle! Switching to an electric delivery bike will therefore ensure a better reputation.

Switching to an electric delivery bike ensures a better reputation.

Economical and safe!

Time pressure goes hand in hand with meal delivery. The customer expects his or her hot meal to arrive at the door as quickly as possible. As a result, scooters and cars often tear through crowded places at high speeds, making it easier to end up in unsafe traffic situations. Scooter deliverers in particular are more vulnerable in traffic with a greater chance of a fatal outcome. It is also average loss amount with scooters 75% higher.

Electric delivery bikes are naturally narrower than a delivery scooter or car, but they do have an 'oversized' frame which automatically makes the delivery bike robust. Together with hydraulic rim brakes and belt drive, constant braking is also guaranteed. A delivery bike is also much lighter than a delivery scooter, namely 27.5 kilograms (with battery, without delivery box) compared to 130 kilograms for the average scooter. This means that a delivery bike is automatically less impactful if an accident does happen.

Having fewer accidents and spontaneous garage visits already makes a big difference to the price of an all-in lease concept for an electric bike. Also, there is no direct purchase price, which with an electric delivery scooter can quickly run up to €5,000! Also, with a scooter, 'exotic' parts break down faster and are difficult and expensive to replace. Parts of a bicycle are therefore also faster and cheaper to replace.

By taking out an all-in lease of an electric delivery bike from ConnectBike, you won't even have to think about maintenance or insurance. With ConnectBike, all-in really is all-in. No snags, no small print and no surprises. Our electric delivery bikes are not only repaired when something breaks down, we also visit you every 6-8 weeks for preventive maintenance. This keeps the bike on the road as well as possible so that more orders can be delivered. Good for business and your wallet!

 All-in is really all-in at ConnectBike.

Wondering what ConnectBike can do for your company? Then take a look at here our delivery bike, download the brochure or request a quote!

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.