The Bee2Bee programme from ConnectBike

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Companies cycle the bees back into the city. To make the world a more sustainable place, ConnectBike goes the extra mile. For every new electric delivery bike that our customers purchase, they can participate in the Bee2Bee programme and thus contribute to the greening of cities. Read more about it

E-bike for delivery: what does it cost in electricity?

E-bike for delivery

Despite rising energy prices, the e-bike's electricity costs are nothing compared to, for example, depreciation costs. But what does an e-bike for deliveries exactly cost in electricity per year? Read it in this blog.

Premium delivery bike leasing with premium service

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If there is one thing that is truly all-inclusive, it is leasing from ConnectBike. Not only do you get good quality bikes, you also get fantastic service. Preventive checks, breakdown assistance, on-site repairs, you name it, ConnectBike's Mobile Bike and Service technicians offer it.

The speed and safety of a delivery bike

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Parcel delivery drivers, meal delivery drivers, speed camera drivers.... they are all getting on electric bikes in droves. And that is not surprising. E-bikes are much faster than ordinary bikes, which means that more orders can be delivered in the same time. But just how fast is an E-bike for delivery? And more importantly: what about safety? You can read about it here.

More women in engineering. And fast!

Female bicycle technician

When it comes to the workforce in technology, women are unfortunately still in the minority. ConnectBike wants to put a stop to this, because this has to change. Women in technology have many advantages. What exactly are these advantages? Read it in this blog.

Delivery bikes are easily gaining popularity!

delivery bike

The Mobile Bike and Service Technicians are the heart of ConnectBike. They minimise the downtime of the E-bikes and put a smile on the faces of our customers. Curious about what a visit from our technicians looks like? You can read it here.


Cycle path.

Things are not going well for today's commuter. The big cities are becoming more and more congested, and both home and office are becoming increasingly difficult to reach. Colleagues come out of the traffic jam stressed and frustrated. And often they are late. Because they still have to find a parking space, of course. And the spots they can find are expensive. Things are not much better on public transport during the rush hour. Crammed compartments and the risk of delays is always lurking.