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Is this the end of the delivery scooter?

Amsterdam's new 30 km/h speed limit for scooters, cars and (delivery) buses is turning the city upside down. This measure is an important step towards sustainability and road safety. It lowers emissions, improves air quality, increases road safety and reduces traffic noise. This initiative promotes sustainable mobility and encourages the use of public transport and electric bikes. With the introduction of this measure, is Amsterdam about to set an example for other cities in the Netherlands?

More than just a delivery bike!

Municipalities are introducing more and more laws and regulations for cars and (delivery) buses to reduce CO2 emissions. For this reason, the delivery bike is becoming increasingly important for businesses. The Giant Deliver-E+ from ConnectBike is a special electric delivery bike that not only delivers goods, but also contributes to a greener future.

Company bicycle: sustainable and fast to and from work

You get to your appointment faster with the E-bike. With ConnectBike's full service sharing system, there is always an E-bike available to avoid the long traffic jams. Easy to use and book via the smartphone app, and your organisation is immediately doing something sustainable!

Share bike for (home) care: sustainable at home!

Providing sustainable care at home with ConnectBike's electric share bikes? You can! Always a parking space and sustainable and fast travel between clients with ConnectBike's total concept. Comfortable for everyone and easy to use by all colleagues via a handy app.

Share bike education: fast and hassle-free

ConnectBike's electric share bikes are the sustainable mobility solution for your educational institution. Save costs, reduce your CO2 emissions and manage time more efficiently. The electric bikes are easy to reserve, open and use for your employees via a smartphone app.

ConnectBike electric share bikes: #1 unburdening

Commuting & doing your service rides on an E-bike? You can! With ConnectBike's full-service concept, your organisation will get people out of their cars, and onto their bikes.

Is it possible to lease an electric bike as an individual?

ConnectBike only supplies Giant E-bikes to the business market (B2B), i.e. not to private individuals. Are you interested in leasing a bicycle as an individual? Then read which criteria you should pay attention to.

What is the best electric bike?

The best pedelec must meet a number of criteria. Therefore, be sure to talk to suppliers to determine which pedelec meets the above criteria. After all, making an informed choice can save entrepreneurs a lot of money.

Which is more advantageous; leasing or buying an electric delivery bike?

The general thought is that buying an electric delivery bike is more economical than leasing. However, in practice, the opposite turns out to be true. Leasing a delivery bike is cheaper than buying one. Read all about it in this blog.

How much does a delivery bike cost?

Companies cycle the bees back into the city. To make the world a more sustainable place, ConnectBike goes the extra mile. For every new electric delivery bike that our customers purchase, they can participate in the Bee2Bee programme and thus contribute to the greening of cities. Read more about it
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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.