25 February 2022


In brief:

In 2017, Kenneth Erselina and Anton Mollerus saw the opportunity to make the mobility world more sustainable and diverse. Not for profit; to increase mobility, liveability and the economic vitality of cities. 

Kenneth and Anton noticed that more and more organisations were opting for a responsible and sustainable mobility policy. These are obviously nice goals, but these themes require a totally new approach and interpretation of the current policy. By E-bike sharing and private leasing with various organisations, the threshold for taking an organisation to a more sustainable level is becoming lower and lower. With these visions Kenneth and Anton founded a new organisation: E-bike2work. 

Smart solutions

E-bike2work has been working for a long time to make commuting less polluting by creating smart solutions and awareness in various organisations. In this way, a start was made in the realisation of a new world. It is expected that cities of the future will be based on three forms of mobility, namely walking, public transport and cycling. This will cities are becoming increasingly car and traffic free

In 2018, Kenneth read an article in the Financial Times about developments in the delivery market. What was striking was that the CEO of Domino's Pizza UK mentioned that he wanted to show polluting cars and scooters the door. Kenneth totally agreed with this! Therefore E-bike2work and the world's largest bicycle manufacturer, Giant, joined forces. This resulted in an all inclusive E-bike mobility project. And tada... ConnectBike was born! 

ConnectBike develops pedelecs for different market segments, especially for meal delivery. This has involved collaboration with a few small entrepreneurs and major players in the field of food delivery. This is because electric delivery bicycles are more mobile and faster in the big cities and at the same time emit less CO2 and fine dust.

The bicycle

ConnectBike does things differently by doing them itself. For the design of the E-bike we looked at the looks, perfect financing, insurance, full service & maintenance and roadside assistance. Because the electric (delivery) bike The ConnectBike has been assembled and extensively tested by our partners to meet the demands of the market. We also looked at what the delivery drivers need in order to offer as much comfort as possible during their delivery shifts. By having the motor and battery connected to each other, interim charging or changing batteries is also a thing of the past. Nothing is more annoying than having to spend your working day on a broken or empty bike!

Among other things, these adjustments have made ConnectBike's robust bicycles foolproof so as to guarantee as little downtime as possible. In addition, ConnectBike provides preventive maintenance every six to eight weeks. Should there be a need for service outside these service moments? Then our bicycle technicians are only a call away. And all that for one fixed amount per monthso that there are no surprises. 

The team

In addition to its vision of delivering sustainable impact, ConnectBike also pays great attention to diversity and inclusion. ConnectBike is proud of its diverse team. A club of ambitious men and women from different cultural backgrounds, each with their own vision on sustainability. Everyone contributes to making the greening of the mobility market possible. Both in the office and in their daily lives.

And this team keeps growing! ConnectBike strives to hire four young people without relevant work experience every year. ConnectBike believes in the power of diverse teams. Not only from a social perspective, but also from a business perspective; diverse teams simply deliver better performance. ConnectBike also follows the principle of "Recruit the unemployed first". After all, in the past two years, many people have become unemployed through no fault of their own. ConnectBike helps these people by providing employment and possible retraining. Ultimately, ConnectBike wants to hire at least 150 new employees with different genders, work experiences, education levels and beliefs by the end of 2024.

In short; The way to go, together!

Curious about more ways you can contribute? Then take a look at and see how you can improve your environment.

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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