23 January 2020


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AMSTERDAM, 3 May 2020 - In close cooperation with several large restaurant chains, ConnectBike has developed a new electric bike especially for the food delivery market. The 'Deliver-E+is a heavy duty pedelec capable of withstanding very intensive use, so that maintenance costs and depreciation are significantly lower. Restaurant chains and meal delivery companies have tested the pedelecs extensively in recent months and without exception have been extremely positive.

"In discussions with several restaurant chains, it became clear to us that they were very keen to replace all cars and scooters with cleaner alternatives, but that the E-bikes used often broke down due to intensive use," says Kenneth Erselina, co-founder of ConnectBike. "Together with Giant and a number of restaurant chains, we took up the challenge of developing an entirely new E-bike that meets all the requirements of meal delivery companies."

An electric bike that meets all the requirements of meal delivery companies

To ensure that the electric bike meets all the requirements of the food delivery market, ConnectBike and Giant worked closely with meal delivery companies, including Domino's Pizza, De Beren and Takeaway. The result is what can rightly be called an extremely solid electric bike.

The electric bicycle has a reinforced aluminium frame, a low-maintenance belt drive, a whisper-quiet mid-motor, a long-lasting and safe battery, extra-wide tyres and hydraulic disc brakes that function well in all weather conditions. service package The Deliver-E+ has developed a service programme that guarantees the proper functioning of the Deliver-E+. This consists of regular preventive maintenance, fast repair service and breakdown assistance.

Extremely robust and extremely stylish

"We are extremely proud of the way this project came about and of course of the result: this bike is extremely robust but at the same time looks extremely stylish," says Willem Buitenhuis, director of Giant Benelux. "Given the reactions from the market, we expect this E-bike to meet a great need." In recent months, theDeliver-E+ has been extensively tested by meal delivery staff from various large chains. Many deliverers mention the battery as a major advantage. The action radius of the Deliver-E+ is much greater than that of other bicycles. The motor also has a lot of power, allowing the bike to accelerate quickly. Various delivery people mention the double disc brakes. These are also reliable in bad and wet weather.

Test programmes for meal delivery companies

ConnectBike has put together a test programme. Depending on their size, meal delivery companies can test and experience the electric bikes and service from ConnectBike free of charge for two to four weeks. The electric bikes are available with a front and rear carrier for the meal box. On the plastic jacket protectors at the rear wheels, there is room for a logo or image of the restaurant chain, so that the E-bike can be delivered custom-made. The E-bike is available in both black and white and for larger quantities in any RAL colour.

About ConnectBike

ConnectBike is a collaboration between social venture E-bike2work and Giant, the world's largest bicycle manufacturer. ConnectBike aims to make a positive contribution to air quality, the greening of the living environment and the promotion of clean and accessible urban environments. ConnectBike develops E-bikes for specific market segments, based on the requirements and wishes of the market. The electric bicycles are offered in a full service package, including financing, insurance, service & maintenance, roadside assistance and fleet management by means of a digital lock in combination with a smart box. For more information:

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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