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You can request a 3-year lease contract. Use the ‘Request a quote’ button to request a quote and we’ll do the rest. Choose the accessories with which you want to upgrade your electric bike and request a quote entirely free of any obligation. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What if you run into a small problem in the Netherlands, such as a flat tyre or a crooked mudguard? Then it’s best to contact our partner: the ANWB’s roadside assistance. They’ll get to you within 60 minutes, day or night. The number of roadside assistance is printed on the sticker on our electric bike. The ANWB does not carry spare parts in its van. Do you have an issue that’s not included in roadside assistance, such as damage or a broken part? Then contact us through the ConnectBike web portal at or call us at +31 (0)85 047 1806. We always strive to resolve an issue within 24 hours, so that your business will never come to a standstill.

Depending on the product and service purchased, the following items may be billed on the invoice: the amount of the bike lease, monthly contribution to service and maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance and any accessories, such as delivery boxes, stickers or helmets. 

An agreement is an agreement at ConnectBike. This means we take care of all service, preventive maintenance and theft, provided that you take good care of the bike.

There are two amounts that will be billed once with the purchase of one or more bike(s): €100.00 for administrative and collection costs and €75.00 for making the bike roadworthy and transporting it to the user’s location.

In principle, all damage to the bike is insured. However, this means that the rider or user must act like a “good family father (or mother)” – in other words, use the bike for its intended purpose. It is important for the user to conclude insurance for the bike when not in use (theft, fire, destruction, etc.) as well as insurance for the rider.

Before the bike – which is purchased through a lease contract – can be delivered, a number of documents must be completed and signed. In the case of BNP, this concerns the following documents: lease agreement, general terms and conditions, OL (operational lease) addendum for accessories, acceptance certificate and a UBO certificate (Ultimate Beneficial Owner, a certificate intended to prevent money laundering). The bike will then be made roadworthy and transported from storage to the place of use. Experience has shown that this process takes 2 to 4 weeks.Ultimate Beneficial Owner certificate, meant to prevent money laundering). In addition, the bicycle will be prepared and transported from storage to the location of use. Experience shows that this procedure takes 2 to 4 weeks.

There are two options for this: submit a request on the ConnectBike web portal at or through service and maintenance appointments (service level agreement or SLA). In the first case the user or rider takes the initiative, and in the second case it’s the task of ConnectBike. In both cases the time of the actual maintenance service is communicated through email, phone or WhatsApp message.