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23 February 2023

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In brief:

Education is pre-eminently the environment where employees work passionately every day to perpetuate the future of our society. Many educational institutions are working on themes related to sustainability and thus also sustainable mobility. However, practice shows that there is still much to be gained especially in the way educational professionals travel (source: market consultations education 2017-2023 ConnectBike). Particularly where business trips are concerned - between locations, visits to internship companies and other stakeholders - they still often travel by car and/or public transport, while the majority of these trips are also perfectly fine with an electric share bike can be traveled. 

For educational organisations looking for a reliable, accessible and scalable sustainable mobility solution, our full-service electric shared bicycles eminently suitable. Smart sharing of full-service E-bikes is the perfect solution for making business trips more sustainable. Efficient, cost-effective, healthy and sustainable.

What are the benefits?

  • Lower costs. Electric share bikes are cheaper than public transport and/or the car. From fuel to parking, the cost of your mobility goes down dramatically immediately. 
  • Less CO2 emissions. Cycling is the second most sustainable way to travel from A to B after walking. Compared to public transport and the car, it produces a lot less CO2 emitted
  • Healthier employees. The use of E-bikes offer a low-impact form of exercise to employees. This can increase vitality for employees and reduce absenteeism. 
  • Efficiency and time savings. Less time in traffic jams and less time searching for a parking space. So a working day is a lot less stressful, more productive and employees can focus on what really matters. 

Share bike for education

Smarter, faster and all-inclusive 

The education sector is constantly innovating and innovative technology is a must in today's education sector. ConnectBike shares this vision and has therefore equipped its electric share bikes with a smart lock that can be effortlessly opened with a smartphone. 

Users easily share and reserve E-bikes via a smartphone app. And by making our E-bike even smarter, rides and kilometres are automatically registered. Useful for both manager and user. So with our E-bike sharing system, you can immediately save a lot of time as an educational organisation. By easily linking the E-bike to one or more colleagues, employees can also easily make private trips. These can easily be charged privately. This keeps administration separate and maximises the use of E-bikes.
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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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