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24 February 2023

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In brief:

Care is increasingly offered at home and (home) caregivers are increasingly on the road and longer as a result. Every day, as a result, many caregivers find themselves in long car jams and often pay a lot of parking fees in the city. At least, if they can find a place to park the car at all. Moreover, the current way of making service trips by car is not only inefficient and costly, it is also not at all sustainable. 

Fortunately, there is the electric shared care bike: the perfect sustainable solution for quick care at home. Especially in cities, you can often get to the location much faster than by car. And a parking space? It is of course easy to find with an electric bike. After all, you park on the pavement in front of the door. In short, the way to get around more economically and sustainably is an E-bike!

Share bike for (home) care

Share bikes concept

ConnectBike's electric share bikes consist of comfortable and user-friendly Giant brand electric bicycles that can be used by all employees. The smartphone app and digital lock make agenda management and key management a thing of the past, and all rides and kilometres travelled are automatically registered. How convenient!

Of course, when bikes are used intensively, things can break down. ConnectBike then ensures that the E-bike is always repaired quickly. We even carry out small repairs within 60 minutes and for larger repairs ConnectBike is on the doorstep within 24 hours. To prevent an E-bike from stalling, all E-bikes undergo preventive maintenance 4 times a year as standard.

We really provide the total package in addition to the electric share bikes and service; the share bikes are fully insured against theft and damage and there is a choice of accessories, such as bike bags or phone holders. You can also opt for personalised branding with your organisation's logo. And all this for a fixed monthly amount, with no surprises or hidden costs.

The benefits at a glance:

  1. Lower costs.
    Taking your service trips with E-bikes is cheaper than public transport and even more so than the car. From fuel to parking; mobility costs go down considerably immediately.
  2. Less CO2 emissions.
    Cycling is the second most sustainable way to travel from A to B after walking. Compared to public transport and cars, it emits a lot less CO2. 
  3. Healthy for workers.
    The use of E-bikes offers a low-impact form of exercise to employees. This can increase vitality for employees and reduce absenteeism. 
  4. Efficiency and time savings.
    Less time in traffic jams and always being able to park in front of the door. So a working day is a lot less stressful, more productive and employees can focus on what really matters: providing the right care. 

Want to know more about our E-bike system or start a free pilot for your organisation? You can here!

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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