Electric delivery bike.

ConnectBike was founded with the aim of improving our living environment. This means less cars and scooters and more bikes. In cooperation with bicycle manufacturer Giant, ConnectBike has developed a special electric bicycle. delivery bike The Giant Deliver-E+. Maximum ride comfort, a long range and employability for intensive use were the most important starting points for the design of this bicycle. 

Features of the electric delivery bike.

Our Giant electric delivery bike is specially developed for delivery. Made for intensive use and maximum comfort. Take your deliveries to the next level by:


A strong engine

And intelligent components

Ready for worry-free deliveries?

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Ride control for assistance during cycling

Battery 36V 13.8 mAh 500Wh

Spikes on the pedal for more grip

Reinforced bicycle frame for greater stability and safety

Hydraulic brake discs

Double lights on the bike for good visibility

Adjustable bicycle saddle

Extra-wide tyres for more grip and stability on the road

Belt drive

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"The use of ConnectBike's E-bikes has increased the quality of our service."
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TakeAway Belgium
‘The new type of electric bike is terrific overall. The battery life is excellent, the bike performed well on bumpy terrain and tram tracks thanks to the wide tyres and in general provides us with more safety.’
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TU Delft
"The service and electric share bikes are second to none!"
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De Beren
‘Bikes are a thousand times better than the old ones.’ All our delivery workers only want to use the Deliver-E. The boxes hold up well, the bike is very stable - even when on its kickstand - and it rides superbly. Nothing has broken - it’s a sturdy bike and very reliable.’
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Johan Cruijff ArenA
"I don't know how you guys do it, but your electric share bike and service are really top-notch!"
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Domino's Pizza
‘Battery works well and is long-lasting. Lasts more than a day, and charging overnight is more than enough. Riders love it. A sturdy bike with much better roadability than another supplier’s bikes. Haven’t had any technical defects, so that’s going well.’
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Curious about our Deliver-E+ delivery bike?

Test now for free!

Take a test drive with no obligation. We will bring our electric delivery bike to your location, so you can test it. Experience what it is like to make a carefree delivery. 

The advantages of our electric delivery bike.

Leasing a delivery bike works simply and on the basis of complete relief. Thus, the bikes 100% are delivered ready-to-ride. Equipped with required delivery boxes to personalised styling, so you can get on your electric bike straight away. All you have to think about is taking the key out of the lock when you lock the bike. Every six to eight weeks, our bicycle technician will visit you, so that you can enjoy using your delivery bike for as long as possible and never come to a standstill. With us, you pay a fixed all-in price per month. No extra charges are made for preventive maintenance. As long as you take good care of our bike, you will never be stuck with extra costs. We do the rest.

Our bicycles are of high quality.


Our pedelecs are designed to function optimally for a long time in any environment and in all weather conditions.

Innovation of our techniques


We continuously invest in our people, knowledge, new technologies, product development and forms of cooperation. In doing so, we always strive for the maximum deployment of sustainable mobility.

Sustainability in economic, social, cultural and ecological terms.


All our actions are aimed at making a long-term positive contribution to society in economic, social, cultural and ecological terms.

good value for money.


The quality that we deliver, we deliver at competitive, market-based prices. We charge a fixed price per month, so you know exactly what you can expect, without surprises.

This is how we operate

In addition, the electric bikes 100% are delivered roadworthy. Our partner Westerman takes care of the final assembly of the E-bikes. The electric bikes are then delivered to the customer, after which they can be used immediately.

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Delivery bike

E-bike for delivery is sustainable.

All our actions are aimed at achieving a long-term positive impact for society on economic, social, cultural and ecological. Our primary goal is to green cities and thereby increase the quality of life, economic vitality and accessibility. 

To achieve this, we produce sector-specific high-quality e-bikes and develop smart alternatives and supplements for the current - often polluting - urban transport and commuting. In doing so, we strive for optimal sustainability. This means that throughout the entire process, the burden on both people and the environment is minimised. In addition, the use of electric delivery bicycles emits less CO2 than scooters or cars. 

Service and maintenance.

Excellent service is the beating heart of our organisation. ConnectBike is proud of the team that goes to customers' premises. Within the team, everyone has his or her own qualities. The technicians constantly exchange all useful tips & tricks from the field of work among themselves. In this way, the Mobile Bicycle and Service Technicians learn everything about the profession, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. Thanks to the daily efforts of a large team of skilled people, it is possible to visit a location every six to eight weeks for preventive maintenance of the electric delivery bicycles.

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Annual full service and maintenance
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On-site service
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All-in service.

*With proper use of the bike

Leasing electric delivery bikes from ConnectBike.

Interested in what ConnectBike can do for your business? Request a free test bike online to see and experience the delivery bike in practice. Upon receiving the test bike, you will be sent a video with instructions on how to use the bike. Already convinced? Then request a customised quote for the cost of a delivery bike. 

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Questions about our delivery bike?

You can request a lease contract for 3 years. Request a quote via the 'get quote' button and we'll do the rest. Check which accessories you would like to upgrade your electric bicycle with and request a quote without obligation. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you have an issue, such as a flat tyre, damage or a broken part? Then contact us via the web portal of ConnectBike or contact by telephone +31 (0)85 047 1806. We always aim to resolve the issue within 48 hours, so your business never comes to a standstill.

In principle, all damage to the bike is insured. However, this means that the rider or user must act like a “good family father (or mother)” – in other words, use the bike for its intended purpose. It is important for the user to conclude insurance for the bike when not in use (theft, fire, destruction, etc.) as well as insurance for the rider.

Electric delivery bikes are an innovative solution with several advantages for modern urban logistics. In terms of sustainability, electric delivery bikes stand out for their eco-friendly nature, with the absence of harmful emissions during use contributing to a cleaner urban environment and a reduced carbon footprint. The silent and emission-free nature of electric delivery bikes not only contributes to sustainability, but also to a more pleasant urban experience.

In terms of efficiency, electric delivery bikes offer unparalleled manoeuvrability, allowing them to manoeuvre smoothly through city traffic. This makes them ideally suited for urban logistics and deliveries in congested areas. In addition, the lower operating costs of electric delivery bikes translate into long-term cost efficiency, while the ability to navigate quickly through the city allows for quick deliveries, often unimpeded by traffic jams. Electric delivery bikes are thus not only a sustainable, but also a highly efficient transport solution for today's urban mobility.

Electric delivery bikes are more environmentally friendly than electric scooters as they do not produce harmful exhaust fumes. They are agile and efficient in busy city centres, can use dedicated cycle lanes and contribute to cost savings for delivery services. In addition, they reduce traffic congestion, promote healthy lifestyles and are generally cheaper to buy and maintain than electric scooters. In short, electric delivery bikes are a sustainable choice for delivery services in urban areas.

The battery of an electric delivery bike typically lasts around 10,000 kilometres, depending on usage. This longer life is beneficial for companies, as it results in lower operating costs. Less frequent battery replacement means not only financial benefits, but also more reliability in the delivery service, which is essential for customer satisfaction. Moreover, it contributes to environmental friendliness by reducing waste from used batteries. In short, electric delivery bikes with a longer battery life offer companies financial savings, operational reliability and eco-friendly benefits.

A mid-motor on an electric delivery bike makes the ride for delivery drivers noticeably more pleasant. With its even weight distribution and direct drive to the bottom bracket, it offers a stable and efficient cycling experience. Delivery drivers benefit from less fatigue, better performance when climbing hills and reduced wear and tear on the drive train. In short, the mid-motor provides an improved overall riding experience for delivery riders on the electric delivery bike.

The electric delivery bike's range refers to the distance it can travel on a fully charged battery before needing to be recharged. In this case, the estimated range is 60-80 km, meaning that the electric delivery bike can cover about 60-80 kilometres before the battery needs to be recharged, depending on factors such as the surface and elevation of the landscape.

The battery of the electric delivery bike is estimated to take 4 hours to charge. This means that, after travelling a certain distance and draining the battery, it takes about 4 hours to fully (100%) recharge the battery before the electric delivery bike is ready for use again. In 2 hours, the battery 80% is charged.

A key advantage of belt drive on an electric delivery bike is the elimination of the traditional chain. This results in less maintenance, a cleaner and quieter riding experience, lighter weight and generally longer life of the drive system. The exclusive feature of no more chain makes the electric delivery bike more attractive and efficient for daily use.

Giant's electric delivery bike is distinguished by advanced ride control technology, a reinforced frame and a powerful motor. The frame is specially designed for intensive use in the delivery sector, while the motor provides effortless acceleration and pedalling support. With an optimised load capacity and user-friendly design, this bike is a reliable and efficient choice for delivery services.

Sure, a test ride on the electric delivery bike is possible. Feel the electric support and experience for yourself the comfort and efficiency of our electric delivery bike during a test ride. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment and find out how our electric delivery bike meets your needs.

The electric delivery bike comes with delivery box(es) of your choice. When purchasing via a lease contract, some documents need to be completed and signed. The bike is then prepared and transported from storage to the point of use. The usual lead time for this procedure is 2 to 4 weeks. Feel free to contact us for more details or to discuss the delivery process.

We carry out standard periodic preventive maintenance on every e-bike. If interim service is needed on an e-bike, for example in case of damage or a technical defect, you can contact us via ConnectBike's web portal: https://connectbike.net/contact or by phone on +31 (0)85 047 1806. We aim to resolve any issues within 48 hours so that your business can continue to run without interruption.


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Try our Deliver-E+ delivery bike.

We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.

Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

Curious about our Deliver-E+?
Test it yourself.

We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.