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13 February 2023

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In brief:

The climate is changing and biodiversity is disappearing at a rapid pace. Cities and regions are facing increased traffic jams, parking pressure and deteriorating air quality. Time for change!

A change that is necessary and helps organisations, supports employees and preserves our planet. If we want to keep our cities liveable, accessible and economically vital, our vision is that, in the long run, three prominent forms of mobility will remain: walking, public transport and cycling.

For this reason, in close cooperation with various market players from different sectors, ConnectBike has developed a unique full-service E-bike sharing system for the B2B market. From (home) care to education and from logistics to hospitality. Inexpensive, low-threshold and scalable.

Complete unburdening

With the commitment of our electric shared bicycles we offer companies mobility guarantee and full service relief. This means we offer bikes full service:

  • Funding 
  • Insurance for damage and theft
  • On-site service and maintenance:
    • Small repairs < 60 minutes 
    • Major repairs < 48 hours
  • 4 times a year preventive maintenance 
  • Plug & play: E-bikes are delivered 100% roadworthy 
  • Periodic management reporting

The E-bikes from ConnectBike are delivered including personalised accessories and any stable/charging facilities. We tailor our offer to your situation.

The benefits for your organisation

Using our electric share bikes helps reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality. Compared to using a car or public transport, E-bikes are more cost-effective (purchase, fuel and parking costs). Since cycling on an E-bike is a low-impact form of exercise, it also contributes to increasing employee vitality. Finally, your employees can avoid traffic jams and parking pressure, saving time and thus working more efficiently. 

The benefits for your organisation at a glance:

  1. Realisation of ambitions and objectives in terms of sustainability
  2. Financial savings through deployment of sustainable mobility
  3. Increasing employee vitality
  4. Increasing employee effectiveness by saving time
Business lease bike

Management information and behavioural change assistance

From start deployment of our E-bike sharing system, we collect valuable data. Data is crucial for drawing up and implementing a well-founded mobility policy. That is why ConnectBike provides periodic management information. This gives your organisation insight into e.g. bicycle use, financial savings, CO2 reduction, vitality and much more!

We understand that some colleagues need to get used to switching from car to bike. ConnectBike has developed a bicycle stimulation campaign especially for this purpose. This has already been successfully deployed at several organisations and has demonstrably got people - sustainably - out of their cars and onto their bikes.

Are you ready to switch to sustainable mobility and want to know more about our E-bike sharing system? Kto get into contact!

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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