Activation and cycling incentive campaign.

Proven activation and cycling incentive campaign to get employees on e-bikes sustainably. Many companies, organisations or business parks are eager to get their employees out of their cars and onto their bikes. They want to work on a sustainable mobility policy, but are hesitant about the practical implementation: hassles with broken bicycles, complex sharing systems and dissatisfied employees.

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Various organisations at home and abroad have successfully used our proven activation and cycling incentive campaign.

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This is what our offer looks like.

Over a period of several months, we are running a bicycle incentive campaign.

That campaign consists of operational implementation: deployment of e-bikes, service and maintenance, providing change days and overall project management.

We also carry out a survey as standard, provide an impact measurement and give our client advice. 

For all pilots, we put Giant e-bikes of high quality with great user comfort.

Tailored bicycle incentive campaign.

For parties who first want to make sure they are making the right move, ConnectBike has developed an attractive offer: a tailor-made bicycle incentive campaign. This allows employees to experience what it is like to use an e-bike to make daily business trips (and get to work). A pilot project in which we completely unburden you and - based on our experiences - guarantee that a large proportion of your employees will want to continue using the e-bike.

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The advantages of the ShareBike.

The way to go, together.

We believe in a better world. Every day we take one step closer to optimising our electric bikes, so that you’ll never want to ride anything else.
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Carefree mobility? Test it yourself.

At ConnectBike, we offer a full-service E-bike sharing system. We tailor our offer to your situation. 

Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

Try our Deliver-E+ delivery bike.

We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.

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Curious about our Deliver-E+?
Test it yourself.

We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.