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6 October 2022

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In brief:

ConnectBike is proud to announce that it and shared mobility supplier Hely have joined forces. Indeed, Hely has opened the first Hely Hub with ConnectBike electric bikes at The Student Experience in Amsterdam (location Minervahaven) as of 19 September 2022. At this location, students will have 24/7 access to the E-bikes.

Smart share bikes for students

The Student Experience Amsterdam accommodates students who live and study in Amsterdam for a short period of time. Due to this short stay period, they often do not have their own bicycle. Therefore, Hely offers a solution by operating a mobility hub where electric shared cars are offered alongside smart E-bikes from ConnectBike. Students can reserve these vehicles at any time of the day via the Hely app or take them with them spontaneously. 

The high level of service offered by ConnectBike prevents residents in the Hely Hub from missing out because bikes in need of service are sitting idle. Indeed, like all its business customers, ConnectBike unburdens Hely by providing preventive maintenance every 7 weeks and making any service calls within 24 hours. 

Not just a delivery bike!

ConnectBike's partnership with Hely gives further concrete expression to its smart sharing mobility activities. And that is good news, because it ensures that even more people can benefit from ConnectBike's fast and robust E-bike. The Giant Deliver-E+, developed in cooperation with bicycle manufacturer Giant and intended for the food delivery market , also turns out to be very suitable for shared use. The design is based on the principles of rider comfort, intensive use and high range. 

ConnectBike was founded with the aim of increasing the mobility, liveability and economic vitality of cities by getting more users on bicycles. This obviously goes beyond facilitating delivery services. Cities are giving less and less space to cars and will eventually be locked to polluting vehicles. One of the main alternatives is the electric bike. It enables faster, flexible and cleaner transport in the city. And that completely without CO2 and particulate matter emissions. 

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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