The Bee2Bee programme from ConnectBike

12 September 2022

Companies cycle the bees back into the city.

ConnectBike is going the extra mile to make the world a more sustainable place. Because with each new electric delivery bike that our customers purchase, they can participate in the Bee2Bee programme and thus contribute to the greening of cities.

I Love Beeing

ConnectBike is serious about ecological corporate social responsibility. And in addition to developing sustainable delivery bikes for (delivery) companies, ConnectBike is now also working with I Love BeeingAn organisation that builds large and small nature oases at business locations and apartment buildings. With bushes and wild flowers that make bees happy.

A bee-friendly city is a people-friendly city

With the Bee2Bee programme, ConnectBike wants to make the city a paradise again for (wild) bees, butterflies and other pollinators. But also for people. Because a green city provides cooling, better water collection, less CO2 and filters particulates and nitrogen from the air. Moreover, it is a lot more fun to cycle through a green, flowering city.

The first participants

ConnectBike is in talks with many (international) parties to join the programme. And that is much needed in times of climate crisis. Moreover, this way companies can make the city more vital, healthier and more liveable. One of ConnectBike's largest customers, Domino's Pizza, has already made a good start by becoming the first market participant to participate in the Bee2Bee programme.

More bikes and more bees

With this programme, I Love Beeing and ConnectBike want to ensure more bicycles, more bees and more green. The programme is a great boost for bees and an extra incentive for companies to switch to sustainable electric delivery bikes.

MWant to know more about the programme? Or want to join straight away?

Then please contact us immediately ConnectBike.


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