11 June 2019


In brief:

All the traffic lights are green! There really is nothing stopping the pedelec now. Just take a look at the excellent ratings below. This will enable us to win over even the most obstinate of doubters and achieve the climate targets in no time at all.


In Twente there is a pilot This event was held at the end of the year and people said a resounding 'yes' to electric bicycles. Twente Mobiel is part of the province of Overijssel. In the programme, various agencies, from government to businesses, work closely together to improve accessibility.


During the pilot, 55 employees from two home care organisations were given an electric bicycle. For eight months, they exchanged their car for an E-bike. With an app on their smartphone, the bike rides were automatically recorded. The pilot ran from November 2015 to June 2016. So they were not only fair-weather cyclists, but also during the harsh months the homecare workers climbed on the E-bike.


94% of home care workers never want to leave the pedelec again


The result: 94% wanted to continue using the E-bike after the pilot. Also, 87% even wanted to take over the bicycle. The figures confirm what other mobility brokers have been seeing for seven years. These consultants - who mostly work for local authorities - connect supply and demand in the field of mobility. They see that in the first week, E-bikers mainly pay attention to the disadvantages. For example, the pedelec is not suitable for bad weather, late shifts and long distances. But in week two, the advantages invariably become clear: it is healthier, more environmentally friendly, cheaper and easier. And the above-mentioned percentages clearly show that these advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages.


Good intention for the 2e half of 2019


When everyone is back from holiday, it is always a good time to try new things and change our habits. Actually, you only need to change one habit: getting on a pedelec. And all your other good intentions follow automatically: you are healthy, you are green, you save money and time.


Just imagine. That this year 94% of all road users would choose the same road as the home care workers from Twente. What a beautiful world it would be then.


Changing habits with a trial period


The length of the pilot also contributed to its success. Because test riding a pedelec once is not enough. A psychologist has studied how long it takes to acquire a new habit. Drinking a glass of water after breakfast was learned after 20 days. Walking for 10 minutes after lunch became a habit after 50 days. So employers who try the e-bike for their employees for six months in 2019 are guaranteed success. Less healthcare costs, less parking costs, less stress, less fuel, less particulate matter... That's an obvious choice for the climate target, isn't it?


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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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