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1 November 2023

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The speed limit on most streets of Amsterdam will go down to 30 km/h on 8 December. In addition, from 1 January 2025, municipalities may designate an urban area where no polluting vehicles are allowed to drive in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Such an urban area is a zero-emission zone (ZE zone). With the introduction of zero-emission zones in 29 cities, laws and regulations for cars and (vans) buses are increasing. So chances are your vehicle will soon be unwelcome in the city.

In this rapidly changing world, there is a strong emerging player that deserves companies' attention: the delivery bicycle. This innovative, two-wheeled solution has proven that it not only offers sustainability and efficiency, but also increases cost savings and customer satisfaction. In this blog, we dive deeper into the world of delivery bikes and why they should be central to every hospitality/(food delivery) company's strategy.

The delivery bike in the world of fooddelivery

More and more companies are starting to discover the benefits of sustainable and practical delivery methods. Here are some of the reasons why the delivery bike should play a central role in the strategy of any hospitality/(food delivery) company.

  • Sustainability and environmental friendliness
    Sustainability is high on the agenda of many companies and the delivery bike fits perfectly into this sustainability strategy. Compared to traditional delivery vehicles with combustion engines, delivery bikes do not emit harmful exhaust fumes. This not only contributes to cleaner air, but also reduces the ecological footprint of the company.

    More and more companies are concerned with their image and reputation when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility. Using delivery bikes can contribute to a positive image and show that a company is committed to green solutions and environmentally friendly transport.

  • Cost-effective and efficient
    Another advantage of delivery bikes is their cost-effectiveness. They are cheaper to buy and maintain than traditional vehicles. In addition, operational costs, such as fuel and parking, are minimal. Moreover, delivery bikes are agile and can easily navigate urban areas, often getting to their destinations faster than larger vehicles.

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
    These days, it's all about customer satisfaction. Delivery bikes can contribute to this by enabling faster and more reliable deliveries. Customers will be happy with fast service and will be more likely to do business again with a company that values efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Customisation and flexibility
    Another important aspect of delivery bikes is their ability to provide customisation. With different types of delivery bikes, such as cargo bikes for large loads or electric bikes for longer distances, companies can tailor their transport approach to specific needs. This makes delivery bikes ideally suited to companies with diverse delivery requirements.
Delivery bike

The delivery bike as a success factor

However, the delivery bike is no longer limited to the world of meal delivery. Companies around the world are discovering the benefits of this sustainable, cost-effective and flexible delivery method. By putting delivery bikes at the heart of their logistics strategy, companies can not only save costs, but also satisfy their customers and contribute to a greener future. It is clear that the delivery bike plays a crucial role in the logistics of today and tomorrow.

Precisely because the delivery bike plays an increasingly prominent role in today's logistics, ConnectBike has developed a dedicated electric delivery bike developed: the Giant Deliver-E+. Maximum riding comfort, a long range and employability for intensive use were taken as key principles for the design of this bike. In addition, ConnectBike's electric delivery bike is equipped with a 100% anti-puncture rear tyre; An inner tube made of plastic consisting of thousands of hermetically sealed air spheres connected together to form one tyre. In short, ConnectBike's delivery bike is more than just a 'delivery bike'! It is a two-wheeled hero that not only delivers our goods, but also a greener and more sustainable future.

Curious about what the cost is to make a lease delivery bike at ConnectBike? Then request a no-obligation quotation to.

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.

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Curious about our Deliver-E+?
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We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.