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27 June 2022

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In brief:

The Netherlands is still not doing well with women in technology. According to the CBS, by 2021 there will be 1.7 million people in the Netherlands working in technology. However, only 16% of those were women. That number really has to go up! As quickly as possible. Not only because of the diversity, but also because of the enormous added value of women on the technical shop floor.

The advantages of women for technology

According to research by Eveline Crone and Lara Wierenga for the Education Council (2020), women possess a specific set of skills. For example, a female skill is 'being a good listener'. A woman asks questions, listens to the answers and then comes up with a solution. This is of course good for mutual cooperation within teams, but certainly also for customer contact. In addition, women work accurately and often have a good planning and administration. These specific skills are a good addition to the skills of men, who are now predominantly employed in technology.

Getting men and women to work together in a team has been proven to produce synergy effects. Teams with men and women function better than teams with only men or only women. This is because the qualities of both sexes are combined. Teams with both men and women are often more creative and innovative, and decision-making is often better. This is shown in the PhD research of Sander Hoogendoorn of the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE).

The benefits of technology for women

  1. Job guarantee, job guarantee, job guarantee. The number of jobs in technology is rising explosively. In 2012, there were about 160,000 jobs in technology and in 2022 there will be more than 225,000. So there is plenty of work. If you, as a woman, choose to go into engineering, you are often sure of your job!
  2. Personal development. Technology is constantly changing. And standing still is going backwards. Standing still within the field of technology is therefore impossible. New developments and product innovations follow each other in rapid succession and changes are the order of the day. To keep up with this, you will not only be well trained but also continuously educated. This ensures that there is plenty of room for personal development and you will never stand still in this area.
  3. Varied work. Working in technology is enormously varied. More than ever before, technology is woven into every aspect of our lives and into all the products and services we use every day. For people who work in technology, switching between departments and having regular conversations with customers have become the rule rather than the exception. This makes the work in engineering varied and challenging. Every day anew.
  4. A bright future. Sustainability is higher on the social agenda than ever before. The ambitions in this area are sky-high. Technology plays a crucial role in realising these ambitions. Working in technology therefore often means working on a brighter future. And who doesn't want that?
Women in engineering

Careers at ConnectBike

ConnectBike was founded with the aim of improving our living environment. This means less cars and scooters and more bikes. By leasing electric delivery bikes to companies, we realise a future with cleaner and congestion-free cities. We do this by continuously striving for the maximum deployment of sustainable mobility. The best service is what sets us apart in the market. This ensures that technology is the beating heart of our organisation. Our technical people deliver on our service promise, every day.

As a Mobile Bicycle and Service Technician it is not only you face of our company at the customer, you are also the hands who keep our bikes in top condition. You make sure that our E-bikes work and keep on working. Women are also highly desirable in the team. Obviously for the reasons described above, but in practice we have discovered another advantage for more women in engineering! Women generally have thinner fingers: this allows them to reach certain screws and nuts easier and therefore quicker. Because of this, they carry out some tasks faster than their male colleagues!

In addition to the face and hands, you are also the ears of our organisation. You visit our (inter)national customers, know what is going on and give feedback to your colleagues in the office. Here again, female skills play an important role. Because of the good listening skills of our technicians, we can respond very well to the wishes and needs of our customers. This ensures high customer satisfaction!

Our ambition

Currently, the ConnectBike workforce for 25% consists of women. These women work everywhere within the organisation: from mechanics to management. But our ambition is big; by the end of 2024, we want to double this percentage to 50%! And of the six new bicycle technicians we want to hire in 2022, we're aiming for at least four women.

By the way, women without a technical background but who would like to make a career switch are also welcome. We are all about passion for cycling and technology. We look at someone's talent and development potential, rather than at their technical experience and CV. We are more than happy to quickly teach someone the necessary technical knowledge. After all, our current technicians are rock-solid in training new colleagues who want to start in the technical field.

So if it is up to us, more women in technology. And we like to take the lead in this!

View this page and apply as a Mobile Bicycle and Service Technician. 

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