Switching to e-bikes: an analysis of costs, impact and operational efficiency

28 March 2022

With rising petrol prices and car-free cities, it is often more convenient and faster to leave the traditional car and scooter behind and get on an electric bike. In addition to the advantages for the environment and surroundings, the switch to e-bikes makes fast and large-scale deliveries possible. 

The market for electric delivery bikes in Europe is growing enormously, both for consumers and for companies. And that is good news! Besides being more efficient, intelligent and safe, the bikes often get you to your destination faster than a car. And that's not bad, where roads are being closed in cities - Europe is investing over 1 trillion Euros in safe cycling paths!

ConnectBike has therefore done research into all the things that are involved when you think about leasing an electric bike. By doing so, you ensure fewer emissions, more exercise and less traffic jams. But does an electric bike really deliver?

Curious about the advantages of leasing a ConnectBike?

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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