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3 August 2022

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In brief:

Leasing a delivery bike for business purposes is no longer a rarity, but good service is. ConnectBike offers a lease concept that is different from all the others. Service and maintenance is not only the core of the company's service, but also plays a role in the long life of the delivery bike. By paying attention to this on a daily basis, as much riding pleasure as possible can be realized.

Ears and eyes

ConnectBike's Mobile Bike and Service technicians help to develop and optimise mobility concepts for then. The team of women and men are the ears and eyes of the organisation and are in most contact with the customer. The technicians come up with feedback to improve the product, the service and thus the experience with ConnectBike. In this way, the customer and ConnectBike together make the all-inclusive service better. At the same time, the technicians are given the space to unleash their creativity and really solve problems.

Service on top

ConnectBike finds service the most important thing! ConnectBike is proud of the team that visits customers on location, within the team everyone has his or her own qualities. The technicians constantly exchange all useful tips & tricks from the field of work between each other. In this way, the Mobile Bicycle and Service Technicians learn everything about the profession, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. The daily deployment of a large team of skilled people makes it possible to visit a location every six to eight weeks for preventive maintenance on the electric delivery bike. And all that is included in the all-in price!

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Fast service

Don't panic if something is wrong outside the regular service. The Mobile Bike and Service Technicians are well spread throughout the service area. If there is an unexpected defect to the delivery bike and this is reported to ConnectBike before 15:00 in the afternoon, ConnectBike manages to solve this within 24 hours in 90% of the cases. This way, the work of clients is hardly ever interrupted.

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On a delivery bike is cycled regularly and for prolonged periods And that is why it can happen that, for example, a tyre goes flat when you are on the road. In order to offer customers top service in this case as well, ConnectBike has entered into a partnership with ANWB. In case of a breakdown on the road, the ANWB is often on the spot within an hour to offer breakdown assistance so that the customer can be on the road again quickly. Roadside assistance throughout the Netherlands is part of ConnectBike's top service and applies automatically when leasing an e-bike.


When ConnectBike talks about all-in service for an electric delivery bike, it really is all-in. And that service starts even before a company becomes a ConnectBike customer. For example, it is possible to have a test bike to try out the bike and experience it in practice. A test bike can be requested online and will be delivered within a week by one of the Mobile Bicycle and Service Technicians on location. He or she will then give a detailed explanation of the bicycle so that the potential new customer can test it in practice. The test bike stays for a week, so it can be tested by several people from the company. And to provide a good explanation of the bicycle, ConnectBike always sends an instruction video. That too is part of ConnectBike's all-in service!

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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We bring our electric delivery bike to your location so you can test it out. Experience carefree delivery.