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The E-bike sharing system for (home) care organisations.

Care is increasingly offered at home. As a result, care providers are increasingly on the move. Current mobility solutions cost a lot of time and money: you are stuck in traffic jams every day and there is never a parking space. Fortunately, there is the CareBike: the perfect solution for care at home, duty trips and commuting. 

Especially in the city, you are often faster on the E-bike than by car. And finding a parking spot is no problem at all, as you park on the pavement in front of the door. Moreover, an E-bike is much cheaper and healthier!

The advantages of the CareBike.

(Home) care Carebike.

The e-bike is getting smarter and smarter. For example, our CareBike is not only equipped with a digital lock, but also with a simple digital system for automatically recording all rides and kilometres travelled. This brings convenience for both users and managers. Moreover, with our e-bike sharing system, you can immediately save a lot of time and money as a care organisation.The CareBike can easily be shared with several colleagues or assigned to one person.

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Share bike care
"The use of ConnectBike's E-bikes has increased the quality of our service."
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TU Delft
"The service and electric share bikes are second to none!"
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Johan Cruijff ArenA
"I don't know how you guys do it, but your electric share bike and service are really top-notch!"
The way to go, together.

We are fast becoming the #1 supplier of premium E-bikes in the corporate market of
Western Europe to become.

We do not do this alone, but together with a team of enthusiastic, motivated and knowledgeable colleagues with a passion for sustainability and mobility. See for yourself.

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Annual full service and maintenance
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minute wait time for roadside assistance

Service and maintenance.

We take good care of our customers. Four times a year we are ready for a preventive maintenance service on your
E-bike sharing system. 

The way to go, together.

We believe in a better world. Every day we take one step closer to optimising our electric bikes, so that you’ll never want to ride anything else.
Find out for yourself.