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19 July 2022

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In brief:

Parcel delivery people, meal delivery people, flash delivery people.... they are all getting on their delivery bikes. And not just any bike: an electric delivery bike. That is not so strange. E-bikes are much faster than regular bikes, which means they can deliver more orders in the same amount of time. But how fast is such an E-bike for delivery exactly? And more importantly: what about safety? 

Fast deliveries are good for a brand, but bicycles that participate safely in traffic - and therefore always look their best - are even more important. 

How fast does a delivery bike?

On a normal bicycle, a rider goes on average 12 kilometres per hour. Most electric delivery bikes reach a maximum speed of about 25 kilometres per hour. With an E-bike, you can therefore deliver twice as much in the same amount of time as with a normal bicycle. 

Almost every E-bike has a limiter. This means that a rider cannot go faster than 25 kilometres per hour. 

How safe is an electric bike?

The faster someone rides, the greater the risk of accidents. In addition, the electric bike is relatively new on the streets. Everyone still has to get used to it. Not only the riders, but also the delivery services themselves. They have a major influence on the safety of the E-bike. By informing and training their drivers, they can prevent many problems. 

The E-Bike delivery bike is the business card of a brand

The delivery man at the door with the pedelec is often the only personal contact a brand has with a consumer. And if a delivery service doesn't prioritise safety, then the brand's image suffers - no matter how fast the E-bike is. 

Inexperienced delivery drivers diving into traffic at full speed, wobbling...
Young delivery boys who take too much risk...
Bicycles damaged by reckless behaviour....

It all reflects on the brand. And it's not just the customer receiving a delivery who sees it. The consumer on the street - who was about to consider the brand - also sees it.

More sustainable, more economical and more attractive for new deliverers

The safer the delivery drivers are using the E-bike, the lower the costs of maintenance and repairs due to damage. In addition, with safe behaviour, delivery services also contribute to the sustainable idea of the E-bike. A bicycle that needs frequent repairs obviously needs more parts but also has a considerably shorter life span. Not so sustainable, then.

If safety is a high priority, an organisation is also more attractive to new staff. After all, delivery drivers like to have a nice, safe and damage-free bike. And if the delivery service actually helps them to participate safely in traffic, that is an extra plus.

Delivery bike

ConnectBike's unique safety service

ConnectBike, with their fleet advisor, has a unique approach to safe and careful handling of the electric bike. The fleet advisor regularly visits delivery services to train and inform users in detail. About the traffic rules of the country, how to maintain the bicycle and how to use and store the bicycle correctly. 

Furthermore, ConnectBike customers receive an extensive package with instruction videos, posters and flyers. This enables delivery services to inform their own staff about safety and the correct use of bicycles. 

Bicycles designed by and for riders

At ConnectBike, the riders come first. ConnectBike ensures that the bike is as comfortable and safe as possible. For this reason, the bicycles are developed together with the riders. Their ideas, wishes and requirements are listened to and, if possible, incorporated into the final design of the bikes. 

Contact the fleet advisor

Delivery services must take good care of their company's business card. They can contact the ConnectBike fleet advisor who can offer them support in this. In this way, road safety is increased, delivery services remain attractive as employers and they avoid any damage to their image. A win-win-win!

Not a customer of ConnectBike yet, but interested in buying a leasing an electric delivery bike? Then please contact us.

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