11 June 2019


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Good news for HR managers. A miracle cure has been discovered to drastically reduce absenteeism among employees. According to TNO, this remedy can save up to 27 million euros if 1% of the working population would make more use of it. And no, it is not an expensive gym subscription or a company masseur who loosens the shoulders of employees. The panacea is a bicycle.

A company bicycle?

Actually, we all know that it is better to go to work by bike than by car. But why does it happen so little?

The company car is very common, but the company bicycle is hardly considered. And that is strange. Because commuting by bike is a physical exercise that fits perfectly into the rhythm of our lives. After all, we have to go to work anyway. So why not use that travel time to do something healthy? You don't have to make appointments at the gym, you don't have to interrupt your work to get a massage, you just do it in the rhythm that you are already used to.

10 or 20 kilometres is not something you just pedal away

A good argument against the company bicycle may be the distance. 10 or 20 kilometres are not easy to pedal. Every day, hundreds of thousands of employees prefer to take the car or public transport to go to work.

But look, there is the E-bike. It is a fact that colleagues with an electric bike cycle more often and also cover longer distances. You can easily cycle 15 kilometres in 35 minutes. Without cramming into public transport and without sighing and groaning in traffic jams.

The pedelec also makes you a lot fitter

And okay, the battery helps a lot when pedalling, so you move less than on a regular bike. But you do move! The effort you put in on a pedelec is enough to give your health a big boost. More than walking, for instance. Because by cycling, you give your blood circulation an extra push. It is therefore not surprising that colleagues who cycle to work more than once a week are much fitter. They are less often ill and perform better.

The panacea of the pedelec comes just in time. For there is a worldwide pandemic of diseases that can all be traced back to too little exercise. It is one of the main causes of heart disease, diabetes and various forms of cancer. A study recently showed that around 5.3 million people die every year because they do not exercise enough.

Simply as a secondary means of work

Good news for the HR managers. The miracle cure is easy to include in the secondary employment conditions.

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Carefree mobility? Experience it now.

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