22 July 2019

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In brief:

After the successful introduction in the Netherlands, ConnectBike has also been active in Belgium since September. At this moment, the final preparations are being made by our Belgian partner to introduce our E-bike concept to the business market in Belgium. Discussions with various potential customers have shown that there is great interest in an innovative mobility concept.

Ambitions in other countries besides Belgium

This autumn, we will announce more about our plans, ambitions and cooperation partner in Belgium. It is the first step that ConnectBike is taking outside the Netherlands. ConnectBike has the ambition to also work in Germany, Great Britain, Spain and France. Especially for the "Heavy Duty E-Bikedesigned especially for delivery services and public sharing, ConnectBike sees a lot of potential.

In Amsterdam 700 applications for 280 places

Various pilots have been launched in the Netherlands in recent months. One that stands out is a trial run by the municipality of Amsterdam and ConnectBike, which aims to get health, education and childcare workers to their jobs in the city faster and without hassle. After registration opened in June, within a few days we received more than 700 applications for 280 available spots. In any case, this means that in the coming months, a large number of employees from the social domain in the capital will be able to try out an electric bicycle for commuting.

Several pilots launched

In addition, in the past six months, ConnectBike has launched projects in cooperation with the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and TU Delft. In these pilots, ConnectBike will provide a full range of shared bicycles that can be used by employees of the various institutions.

These projects have not gone unnoticed in the market. In the coming period, we will announce projects with several new partners.


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